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springy things and equinox love

My goodness this world is beautiful. Spring is my absolute FAVOURITE season. I do love all the season, but spring kills me. I spend a lot of time with wet eyes in the spring, and not because I have allergies. Spring is so beautiful I can barely handle it sometimes. Here are a few photos from the past couple of weeks. Not quite the bursting spring I’m talking about, but we’re getting close, it’s the equinox after all!

This is the Slocan river. What a magnificent river!

IMG_8436 Marked

This photo was taken in Nelson from the orange bridge overlooking Kootenay Lake. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

IMG_8583 marked

These Tress! Ahh, they were dancing across the river. Such characters.

mar18 markerd

Stay tuned for spring EXPLODING!


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