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small town frocks

It was a while back now, but life happens and things get put on hold. I had the honour of meeting Lara Blackman of Small Town Frocks. I was helping with another project, and Lara was being featured in said project. I’d love to tell you more about this other project, but unfortunately the project manager is having their life happen and well… life happens right?! Anyway, Lara is a mighty force. She has a wild story and is an AMAZING sewer. Check out her website here, check out her facebook here, and you can check out her Etsy store here. It was a pleasure for me to see her beautiful studio, her amazing felt wigs and to just be in her presence. What a beautiful soul. Three cheers for beauty.

Lara (9 of 35)
Lara (11 of 35)
Lara (14 of 35)
Lara (16 of 35)
Lara (17 of 35)

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