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One of the hats I wear is a farmer hat. Actually, when I’m out in the garden I wear a mesh back truckers hat, but you catch my drift. Anyway, hats aside, I have teamed up with one of my super best friends to farm this year at Hoe Down CSA. I was a glorified helper last year, but this year I’ve stepped up and I’m now Kate’s farm partner. WOAH! Next level. I am learning so much about farming and myself. It’s been interesting to see where resistance shows up for me and how I deal with it. I’m finding resistance when I’m faced with a task I haven’t done before, or have little experience with. This is a thing for me – not enjoying things I’m not good at. I might suck, or look foolish, or have to ask a million questions. So, what a perfect place I’ve found myself. Smack dab in the middle of learning and growing and pushing back against my resistance and leaning into my insecurities. I look forward to all the growing I will witness this season. Not only the plants in the garden but in myself. Who will I be at the seasons end? Stay tuned.

 My farmin truckers hat



Tying the raspberry canes



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